Register, Manage, Control, Report

Meet our time tracking solution. Improve your industrial processes.

User-friendly Screens

Visually intuitive

Manage and add your rosters, devices, operations, projects and employees in an user-friendly way. We assure you, you'll experience an amazing application.

Manage several devices

Multiple employees can use Timesplitter at the same time, at the same device. It's also possible to use Timesplitter on several devices split over multiple employees.

Manage several devices
Check & Process

Track your time

Choose a project and operation, press the timerbutton and done! Timesplitter will do the rest.

Check & Process spent hours

Easily find out what employees have been doing. After checking, you can process the registered hours with one simple click.

Check & Process
Check & Process

Complete control

If necessary, you can easily view, edit and delete registrations. It's also possible to add new registrations manually.

Check & Process

Stunning reports!

Select the period you want to see. Timesplitter will give you a beautiful overview of the registered hours. You can filter on projects, employees and operations.