Now available, Timesplitter!

After months of development, testing and releasing preview versions I can finally announce the first official release of Timesplitter!

For those who don't know what Timesplitter is, I'll describe it briefly. Timesplitter is a web application where employees can register their work hours. Project/workshop managers can control and process those hours into the system so that they will be shown in reports. Our primary focus is currently on companies with workshop and office staff. Because of the availability on the internet, employees who are on project locations can register hours as well, using a tablet with internet connection.

Google finds more than 1 million results when I search for "time tracking software" Turns out, there are a lot of them out there. So why should I choose Timesplitter? To answer this I will explain some interesting parts of our application. Here we go...


We strongly believe that software should be beautiful and simple and that's exactly how we developed Timesplitter. During the development, we have constantly questioned ourselves if the software met this philosophy. If not? We sharpen out our pencils and got back to the drawing board.


Timesplitter will give you insight in all the worked hours on one simple screen. Project/workshop managers can see lots of workday details over there about different employees. Think about the start and end time of the workday, the hour registrations in a timeline and if the registrations are overtime. It's possible to manually change a workday and when satisfied, it can be processed with only one click into the system.


We think that reports are very important. What purpose does an hour registration system have when there are no (good) reports. We've chosen to display the reports using graphs. In my opinion it gives you insight into all work hours at one glance. To make it feel more dynamic, we added some nifty navigation possibilities. Use it to browse through all reports where each one will give you a view from a different angle.

I have given you some information about Timesplitter but definitely not all of it. This website describes Timesplitter very well and hopefully will make you interested. It is possible to try the application for free without using a credit card. Go to this page, fill in the form and you will have access to your Timesplitter environment for 30 days.

If you have any questions, contact us by mail support@timesplitter.net or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.